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Ratings Guide

Think of the ratings as receiving a grade in school. 5's would be considered an "A" and 1's would be considered an "F". Typically you'd see a few A's, a fair amount of B's & C's and few D's & F's.

Rankings are indicated by a bull's-eye.  The more orange a bull's-eye has to it, the higher the score, the more gray a bull's-eye has to it, the lower the score.  White would indicate an average score.  Here is a detailed breakdown of the rating system:


5 To earn a 5, this item would perform flawlessly.  It is the best in its class.
4 To earn a 4, this item would perform excellently.  It is great, but could be improved slightly.
3 To earn a 3, this item would perform averagely.  It is acceptable, but could be improved.
2 To receive a 2, this item wouldn't perform very well.  It's not abysmal, but certainly not good.
1 To receive a 1, this item would have to be a complete failure.

Performance How well the item performs in the field for its defined function.
Durability How well the item holds up to the elements and wear and tear.
Value Value is a cross between price and quality. A "5" means the best value and a "1" means the worst value. Just because an item is expensive, doesn't mean it can't get a high score here - it's about price relative to quality.
Sportsman's Edge This rating is for the user to influence the overall rating one way or another based on the overall experience. For instance, an item that wasn't really durable and was a low value, but it performed amazingly may get a good score here to boost the score.
Average Price This is the amount paid for the item.  The cost should be the actual price paid for the item (taxes & other fees not included).
Overall This is the overall score for the item.  The average value of all of the fields (Sportsman's Edge is weighted twice as heavy as all other fields).  Others' ratings may be combing with yours to influence the score.
Reviewer Name The name of the person who submitted the review.
Review Date The date the review was published on SportsmansReview.com.
Detailed Review Detailed notes on the item. The review should focus on information that would help others make a solid buying decision, including touching on both the positive features and the negative features.

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