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HCO Okoo RF-1000S Laser Range Finder

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HCO Okoo RF-1000S Laser Range Finder   

HCO Okoo RF-1000S Laser Range Finder Review:

The HCO range finder worked OK. I struggled to consistently read distances greater than 350 yards. Being both a bow hunter and firearms hunter, this product wasn't as versatile as other ranger finders I have tested. It worked just fine for bow hunting and for shorter range firearms hunting. This product wasn't effective antelope hunting on the prairies of SD. The product is relatively easy to use. It worked right out of the box. It does not offer degree of angle features, which come in handy for longer range archery shots at angles. If you are looking for an entry level range finder and are not looking for a lot of bells and whistles, the HCO can work for you.
  • 7X magnification with 315 ft. field of view at 1000 yards
  • Ultra-compact size and light weight, 7oz/ 7.6oz (with/battery)
  • Work in both scan mode and standard mode
  • Superior lens coating protects against glare and scratches
  • Fully Multi-coated(FMC) optical lens

Reviewer: - Jerry Matzner
Review Date: - 7/18/2009
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