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Benelli Ultra Light 12 guage Review

Performance: 4.8 - Performance width=
Durability: 4.5 - Durability width=
Value: 3.9 - Value width=
Sportsman's Edge: 4.5 - Sportsman's Edge width=
Overall: 4.4 - Overall width=
Ave Price: $1,540.00

Benelli Ultra Light 12 guage   

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Benelli Ultra Light 12 guage Review:

Tired of carrying a 8 lb. shotgun through the field? This gun weighs 6 lb loaded!

Nice and light but does bite a little on the shoulder.

I am left handed so I fixed the set-up write away and when I was re-installing the recoil pad (factory gel pad) I noticed it was beveled for a right hand shooter. Easy fix, $40.00 later I had a Limbsaver recoil pad (the SBE model is a perfect fit) and now it feels and shoots even better. If you are like me, you will also want to take off the middle bead (sight). I've never used one and pheasant season is not the time to start.

Overall I like this gun, you can't even tell your carrying it most days. A bit $$$ but we work to buy guns, not jewelry!

Reviewer: - Corky Kurth
Review Date: - 1/29/2009

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