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Browning Rage Compound Bow Review

Performance: 3.0 - Performance width=
Durability: 3.5 - Durability width=
Value: 3.5 - Value width=
Sportsman's Edge: 3.0 - Sportsman's Edge width=
Overall: 3.2 - Overall width=
Ave Price: $300.00

Browning Rage Compound Bow   

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Browning Rage Compound Bow Review:

I shot this bow for 2 years before switching to the one I shoot now. It is not a bad bow for a beginner since it is relatively simple to change the draw length of the bow(but much easier if you have a bow press available).

Itís not the fastest bow on the market but if you are just thinking about giving bow hunting a try this is a great beginner bow. It has a fair amount of let off so itís not hard to hold back for a period of time. A negative with this bow is that it is loud at the shot, but that's not a HUGE deal.

Overall when I shot this bow I was pretty happy with it, but when i switched to something a little more expensive it made this bow look like nothing. So if you just want a bow for your son/daughter this bow would be perfect, but if youíre looking for a faster, quieter bow I would suggest you spend a little bit more money, and get a lot more out of your bow.

Reviewer: - Zach Rohlik
Review Date: - 12/11/2009

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