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GhostBlind Predator Mirror Blind Review

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GhostBlind Predator Mirror Blind   

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GhostBlind Predator Mirror Blind Review:

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We used the Ghost Blind on a recent antelope hunting trip to NW South Dakota. We were excited as the property we hunt is quite large with high rolling hills and no trees. The antelope can run for miles, although there are certain ridges and valleys that they frequent.

Our plan was to set up below the ridge line with a fence at our back on a frequently traveled escape route coming down from a high plateau.

The antelope came over the ridge, but stopped hard about 150 yards out and looked at us. They turned and ran and we were not able to get a shot.

The wind was blowing at about 15 mph that day and we are wondering if the Ghost Blind was shaking ever so slightly.

The blind comes with 4 tie down straps that can secure the 4 panels to the ground. We may not have had ours quite tight enough. We did look at the Ghost Blind from the same vantage point as the antelope about 2 hours later and it looked good, although the wind was calmer then

The Ghost Blind comes with a nice shoulder strap carry system that allows you to trek the Ghost Blind into your hunting area if needed. It also has a nice little fold out chair that straps to the back as well. It is relatively easy to unzip and assemble -- takes 5 minutes or less.

The Ghost Blind is a great concept and works well. It didn't work for our setup, but for more vegetated areas it works well. I would not use the Ghost Blind on windier days unless you are sure the blind is secured well and you are maybe in a protected area.
Update: We did talk with Ghost Blind about our setup and they asked us where the sun was located when the antelope saw us. They believe the sun created a shadow which the antelope saw reflected in the Ghost Blind. We tested and confirmed that if you create a shadow it does project that shadow. Considering our antelope scenario, I would tend to agree that they are right on this one.

The Ghost Blind can give you that special advantage and flexibility -- blend into your surroundings using the natural colors and surroundings.

Reviewer: - Jerry Matzner
Review Date: - 2/20/2011

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