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Thompson/Center White Mountain Carbine .50 Cal Review

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Ave Price: $420.00

Thompson/Center White Mountain Carbine .50 Cal   

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Thompson/Center White Mountain Carbine .50 Cal Review:

I've fired thousands of rounds through this muzzleloader and it looks and performs like new.

It's very accurate with shaped bullets of all weights inside of 75 yards. Outside of 75 yards it gets a little dicey.

I hunt whitetails in dense brush and this is a perfect upgrade from a 30-30 in those conditions. The large, slow-moving slugs are not bothered by brush and twigs. Yet the rifling provides excellent accuracy. Despite the relatively low muzzle velocity, the knockdown power is great because of the large .50 cal slug. I've shot five deer with this gun and not yet had to fire a second round at one of them. The first hit is a kill and usually send them sprawling to the ground on the spot.

Round balls don't work well with the rifling. They can be used as a cheap way to condition the bore. But don't expect accuracy even inside 75 yards.

It's legal in most shotgun zones (in MN).

Reviewer: - Mike Taylor
Review Date: - 2/2/2007

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